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Course Change Update - Lake Elsinore Grand Prix

Lake Elsinore Grand Prix



Course Change Update

Course Change Update

Nov 9th, 2011

We have heard from a few LEGP participants who are concerned with the new course layout for this year’s race and I would like to clarify some misconceptions that are floating around in the race community.

  1. Our intentions were to always cross the inlet channel and up into the foothills north of the stadium for this years race. Because of the increased lake capacity there had been plans to build a railroad tie bridge to climb the large rocks that surround the inlet channel area and get over to the hillside but because of the rain that option now isn’t possible because we can’t get thru the inflow channel.

  2. We do not plan to use this new course in future races. Especially as the Summery housing project expands this property will not even be available in the future. Next year the plan is to again use the course we have used in the past and run the race thru the foothills.

  3. This course was not changed to save money. The reality is if we didn’t make this course change there would be no race this year. We felt this was a better alternative than cancelling the race.

  4. We are not refunding money because the race is still being held and the track promises to be a unique and challenging course. If there are issues after the race we will address those accordingly.

  5. We are not changing the course to save money and line our pockets with money. I wish this to be true but the reality is this has been very difficult on our staff and track builders to pull this off at the last minute to make this race happen. Believe me it would be much easier if we could run the same course we have the last two years. I understand the disappointment and appreciate the passion for this race as we try to produce a quality event. We understand this has been a last minute change and our intention was to always keep the race as it was the last two years. I will make myself available at the ballpark at 3:00 today and tomorrow if there is anyone who would like to walk the course and show you what our challenges have been if you don’t believe my words. We have been very transparent with our plans and have nothing to hide and I will be happy to discuss this further with anyone who has anymore questions or concerns.

Thank you for your involvement and please don’t be too quick to judge this race and instead enjoy the experience and support a historical race that will return to its original roots next year.

Dave Oster

President, Storm Events