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Info - Lake Elsinore Grand Prix

Lake Elsinore Grand Prix


Race Info

Race Info

May 4th, 2011

Your safety is our number one concern, please obey course markings as listed below:

GREEN FLAG - Start of Race

YELLOW FLAG - Caution Do Not Pass

RED FLAG WITH A WHITE CROSS - Medical Emergency Ahead

RED FLAG - Stop, race has ended

BLACK FLAG - Stop, report to Podium Production official

WHITE FLAG - One lap remaining

CHECKERED FLAG - Race finish, exit course immediately, retrieve your finisher pin!

You will be subject to DISQUALIFICATION if you cut the course. We will have checkpoints throughout the course with spotters and flaggers that will report any cheating. Also, if you see an accident or rider down please report it to the nearest checkpoint immediately.

You will NOT be SCORED if you do not have the correct numbers that you signed up with at registration visible on all three sides of your race vehicle, you must also have the transponder you were issued properly secured to your Bike/ATV/UTV.


Arrows pointing Left, Right, Straight, Down, Slow, Danger Ahead will be placed around the course before any potential hazards. Even if you do not see an arrow, we advise you to be alert on the first lap of your race. Arrows can be destroyed throughout the day and it is up to you to race with caution. This course is approximately 6 miles long with many obstacles; it is the racers responsibility to pay attention to course markers, flaggers, check points and spectators! The LEGP Event Staff will do their best to patrol the course, but please know this course is open to the public, it is very important that you be mindful of spectators that could potentially cross the course at any time!

If you have trouble during your race, do not stay on the course! We need you to immediately move your race vehicle off of the track before dealing with your issue. If at any time you need to stop, you must move off the track as quickly as possible, this is extremely important, is to assure both your safety and the safety of others. There will be sweepers and emergency personnel with radios riding the course continuously, they will assist you as soon as possible. In case of an emergency or mechanical failure and if time permits, there will be sweep vehicles to transport you and your race vehicle to a secure location, we are not responsible to get you back to the pits in any amount of time, we cannot promise you will be back before your next race! We are not responsible for getting your vehicle off of the course, if at all possible try to make it to a check point you have a better chance of getting picked up by a sweep vehicle. Do not leave your race vehicle unattended for any reason, unless it is left with Event Staff Check Point personnel. Podium Productions is not responsible for your race vehicle under any circumstances. Podium Productions does not provide medical insurance and you are solely responsible for all medical insurance/expenses.


Anyone found consuming an excessive amount of alcohol will be asked to leave the event. Any rider found consuming ANY alcohol or any drug will not be allowed to compete at the LEGP.

All race vehicles must be pushed to and from the pit area. Failure to comply may result in disqualification from the meet and/or suspension.

Anyone participating on the course without first being entered for the meet will be subject to disqualification and/or suspension.

Rider or riders entering the course at any point other than the starting area during a race or practice session, is subject to disqualification from the event.

The Podium Productions Steward shall exclude immediately any rider who is guilty of any foul, unfair or dangerous riding.

During a race event, a machine must not acquire any velocity other than from its own mode of power, the muscular efforts of its rider, and natural causes, such as gravity.

No fuel shall be carried on the vehicle by the rider other than in the tank.


No transfer of entries is to be made, unless Podium Productions is notified and approves. If a pre-entered rider cannot attend an event he must notify Podium Productions or E-TimeIt Scoring and make arrangements to transfer of his entry. There will be NO refunds for any circumstances! We will race, rain or shine!!!

In order to be properly entered, a participant must complete an online official entry form at When you arrive at the event, you MUST come sign out your transponder and sign the liability waiver. A parent or legal guardian must accompany all Minors under the age of 18 at registration.

The promoters or stewards of any Podium Productions sanctioned event may refuse the entry of any rider or entrant for any reason.

The Promoters or Stewards of any Podium Productions sanctioned event shall have the authority to require individual riders to participate in a class that in their opinion is equal to the rider’s ability.


All participants’ race attire will be subject to examination at staging. Protective clothing as listed below must be worn at all times while practicing/racing. Failure to observe these rules will lead to exclusion from the event. Safety is the number one concern in the inspection of protective race clothing. Podium Productions is not responsible for any rider that is not wearing the correct clothing, refunds will not be issued if you are turned away at staging due to not having the right protective gear!

All riders must wear full coverage clothing of close fitting design, made of material suited as to provide adequate protection to the rider.

Riders must wear helmets at all times during the course of the events. Helmets must meet current D.O.T. & Snell approval and be in Good condition.

All riders must wear leather boots extending far enough up the leg so as no gap occurs between boots and the bottom of the pant leg when in any riding position. Boots must also offer adequate ankle support and shin protection.

Eye protection must be worn at all times and must be shatter/splinter proof material. If vision becomes blocked or in any way impaired it is the riders responsibility to correct the problem before starting or continuing any event. Gloves and shoulder pads are recommended for additional protection.

If, in the technical inspector’s opinion, a machine or rider’s protective clothing is deemed to be unsafe, he will not be allowed to compete although he may meet all written requirements.


Pit area must be kept clean, and all trash must be removed from the area.

NO PIT RIDING AT ANY TIME! If you do not obey the rules or display rude or inappropriate public behavior you will be asked to leave or be taken into police custody, your actions may result in disqualification of your supported racer. Remember this is a family friendly event please keep it clean!


All machine and equipment examinations will be conducted by technical inspectors supplied by the eventsite.


The team race will consist of 2 racers using one bike! The first rider will start the race off and complete one full lap before switching with their partner in the designated pit area. At registration each team will pull wristbands for their starting positions, you will receive (2) racer bands (2) mechanic bands, each racer must have the same number on their bands and enter staging together, the second racer will be escorted to the pit area to wait for their incoming rider. The numbers on your wristband will correspond with the numbers in the pit area. Each team will switch riders each lap in the designated pit area, if you are spotted switching riders anywhere other then the pit area you will be disqualified! Each team will complete as many laps as possible in 45 minutes!


Racers: You will push your bike or vehicle to the staging area 1 hour before your assigned race. Please double-check your start time(s) to assure that you don't miss your race(s). If you miss a race, you are responsible and will not receive a refund! When you report to the staging area be race ready! Have all safety gear, transponder correctly placed and mandatory staging wristbands ready, race schedules may vary throughout the day and we will not wait for late riders. Riders you are responsible for your pits being locked up before you get to the line, Podium Productions is not responsible for any lost or stolen items. Riders you are also responsible for your pit crew, if a member of your crew does not obey the rules he or she will be asked to leave and may result in disqualification of your entry with no refund.

Spectators: You may wait with your rider in staging, but when the riders are instructed to move to the starting line you must exit to the designated spectator area. If you do not obey the rules or display rude or inappropriate public behavior you will be asked to leave or be taken into police custody, your actions may result in disqualification of your supported racer. Remember this is a family friendly event please keep it clean!


The "Harvey Mushman" Pro Purse Race will be the last event on Saturday afternoon. The name Harvey Mushman is in tribute to the late Steve McQueen who made the Elsinore Grand Prix so famous. Steve McQueen raced under the alias name Harvey Mushman in the 70’s. This will be a 100-mile race and will be the only race event that will require pit stops. The Harvey Mushman Pit will be clearly marked and will be explained to the race participants prior to their race. At registration you will draw for your starting position, in the envelope you will receive 3 wristbands with your staging number on the band, (1) band is for the racer (2) bands for your mechanics. We have so many racers in this event that if you do not have a band you will not be allowed in the pits this is for the security of you and your mechanics! This race is for riders 16 years of age and up. Riders ages 16-18 must show proof of age at sign up. No open towed shows are allowed in the pits! No kids under the age of 16 will be allowed in the pits! No quads or any four-wheel vehicle will be allowed in the Mushman race. This race is for bikes 125cc and above. No Mini's are allowed.

There must be a minimum of 50 entries in the Harvey Mushman for the $5,000 purse to be paid out, if the minimum number of entries have been met the top 5 overall finishers will be paid out.


Only three wristbands will be issued to each rider (1) band is for the racer (2) bands for your mechanics, if the rider that crosses the finish line does not have the issued wristband they will be immediately disqualified from the event! Nobody under the age of 16 will be permitted in the pits, no open toed shoes are allowed, no pets in the pits, no pit vehicles are allowed in the pits! You can bring an easy up as long as it is within your allotted space and does not interfere with other competitor’s ability to enter the course. REMEMBER 5MPH IN THE HOT PITS AT ALL TIMES, SAVE THE RACING FOR THE COURSE!



In all events, every rider who takes the checkered flag will receive a finisher pin. The top 3 in each class will receive a commemorative plaque. The plaques for all classes will be awarded on race day at the registration booth. Allow time for the race to be scored then please pick-up your plaque before leaving the event; it is your responsibility to check the scoreboard to see if you are eligible for a plaque, we will not mail any plaques that are left unclaimed!

Thank you for your cooperation in advance; if you have any further questions please email